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About Project PetSafe

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Santa Barbara County Animal Services is proud to operate three community animal shelters in our County. Lost, abandoned, injured, ill and abused animals get a safe clean place to sleep, meals, veterinary care, enrichment and affection. Our county is fortunate to have a small and dedicated Animal Services staff along with extraordinary groups of talented and dedicated volunteers. 

In 2010, Animal Services launched
Project PetSafe, a multi-element education and outreach campaign dedicated to increasing pet owner responsibility by promoting:

• Vaccinations
• Licensing
• Spaying and Neutering
• Microchipping

Did you know dog licenses are required by law? Did you know that a rabies tag is not a dog license? Many dog owners do not realize that state and local laws require all dogs over 4 months to be licensed and wearing the animal license tag. A license is more than a quick trip home for a lost dog. County Animal Services can quickly reunite a lost dog with its family when the dog is wearing a license. A dog license also makes a difference to the less fortunate animals in our community. Revenue from the sale of dog licenses helps Santa Barbara County Animal Services operate our three open door shelters.

A dog license proves that you a responsible pet owner and helps the animals at the shelters find loving homes. Show you care. License your dog. It's the law.

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