Project PetSafe

Why Spay and Neuter

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How does spaying and neutering help my pet?

  • Enhances your pet’s health and quality of life
  • The cost of licensing is considerably lower
  • You will do your part to prevent the birth of unwanted puppies and kittens
  • Decreases a pet’s desire to roam and mark their territory

What is the best age to spay or neuter my pet?

  • Consult with your veterinarian about the most appropriate time to spay or neuter your pet.
  • Considerations are the breed, age and physical condition.
  • It is NOT best to wait until your female dog or cat has gone through its first heat cycle.

What is the pet overpopulation problem?

  • In Santa Barbara County over 2,000 unwanted dogs and cats are euthanized each year.
  • County animal shelters are overflowing with cats and dogs resulting in longer shelter stays, stress, illness, disease, lowered adoptability of pets and ongoing need for euthanasia.

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Where Can I Find Out about Affordable Spay-Neuter Surgery?

Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society
111 Commerce Drive, Buellton, CA
(805) 688-8224
Call for appointment

Project PetSafe, Santa Maria Animal Center

December 18, 2018
will be our last Public Spay/Neuter Day for Animal Services (includes Project PetSafe).

We will be referring all clients to Santa Maria Valley Humane Society, C.A.R.E. 4Paws, Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society, Santa Barbara Humane Society or any full service veterinarian.

Santa Barbara County Animal Services
548 W. Foster Road, Santa Maria, CA
(805) 934-6968

Santa Maria Valley Humane Society
1687 W. Stowell, Santa Maria, CA

Spay & Neuter Clinic Hours:
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 7:30 am to 6:00 pm

Call for appointment

Santa Barbara Humane Society

5399 Overpass Road, Santa Barbara, CA
(805) 964-4777 x20
Call for appointment

C.A.R.E. 4Paws

805.968.CARE (2273)


Where Can I Find Out about Spay-Neuter Services for Feral Cats?

Catalyst for Cats
(805) 685-1563

Volunteers for Inter-Valley Animals (VIVA)

(805) 735-6741